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Joy & Jodie


We’re based in the heart of Oklahoma!

The JoJo Gypsy Boutique is a mix of gypsy, boho, western, and a little city flair all mixed in one. Life is short, so dress to impress YOURSELF!

Joy and Jodie, a mother/daughter duo followed their dream in July of 2019 by launching The JoJo Gypsy Boutique. “JoJo” standing for the duo and “Gypsy” relating back to Jodie’s wild dreamer gypsy soul.

Our main goal for this business is to simply be happy, provide for our families and offer fashionable yet affordable clothing to our local gals. We love our job and the customers that have become our friends. We do not like to compete. We have always been one to do what we want and not really pay attention to what others are doing around us. We are our biggest fans, critics, and competition. We constantly strive to be better than we were the day before. To work harder, pray more and stay happy!!

Customer service is very important to us and we strive to make our customers feel like family. With love, class and a touch of sass we look forward to meeting you and we are so grateful that you chose to shop with us!!

Jodie & Joy